Finding inspiration in the unfamiliar may 3rd, 2021 #

At first, you know nothing. Everything's exciting. You learn rapidly and have fun doing it.

You become decent at what you're doing. You're starting to understand your tools and become fluent in their "language".

You then hit the intermediate stage. You're starting to properly understand the underlying fundamentals of your craft.

You get to the advanced stage, where you find ways of using your tools in a manner unique to you. You see and hear nuance invisible to most people.

Then you become bored. You understand so much about your craft that very few things excite you.

In my case, I don't find much inspiration in music anymore. Almost all of it comes from disciplines I don't fully understand. Take illustration for example:

⋅ You have a completely blank canvas, a pencil or brush.
⋅ Every single detail is put there by hand.
⋅ The toolset is usually limited (that will be the subject of a future blog entry).

Why not do the same with music and sound? Why should I use other people's sounds when I can make my own?

And, in fact, that's what I've been doing lately.
To me, there's no better feeling than being able to say "I made this. All of it."

Introduction may 2nd, 2021 #

I'm Shiftdelete. Known offline as Emil Nord. I make music.

This is my blog, or journal. Content will be focused on music, creativity and sound design, with the occasional moments of self-reflection.

To the few of you reading this: I welcome you. I hope you find my future writings useful and applicable to your own work in some manner.

do, don't dwell