Building websites is really fun.

I thoroughly enjoy the simplicity of HTML + CSS without the use of scripting or databases. On that front, not much has changed since I started making my own websites as a kid at the start of the new millennium.

Recent additions to the site:

I try to keep the site as "future-proof" and easy to manage as I can, since everything is updated manually. Editing the CSS file must affect all pages in the same way, without me having to open them up individually just to make minor cosmetic changes (like I just did, heh.)

[#|^] january 4th 2022

Blank slate

It's 2022. Time flies.

I'm wiping the slate clean. From now on I'm only doing things I genuinely want to do. Already got new music in the works.

Only enjoyment from here on out.

[#|^] january 2nd 2022